Salvaged - Chelsea Camaron


By Chelsea Camaron

  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Genre: New Adult


Chelsea Camaron shows forgiveness overcomes in this long time lover, second chance romance. Maggie Lawson has it all. Life is good.

Brayden Holmes is haunted by his past.

These two love hard. But can their love endure his secret? When the truth comes out can their love be Salvaged?

Love forgives and it's a hard lesson Maggie must learn. *Contains adult language, situations, and themes. This series is best read in order as each book builds from one couple onto the next. 

Reading order: Crash and Burn 
Restore My Heart 
Full Throttle 
Beyond Repair 
Author note: This is the updated version April 2017 with additional material and edits from the original 2013 edition.